Ancestral Guilt is Not the Answer

Not only have I been a trauma therapist, forensic expert, and ancient DNA researcher for decades, I am passionate about history. Specifically, our personal history.

By connecting with our ancient DNA, we can disconnect from inherited traumas.

However, allowing ourself to actually feel (or apologize for) the historical guilt of our ancestors does not heal or help anyone. Not is it logical.

Here’s just a few reasons why…

  • Our subconscious does not know timelines.
  • When we relive a traumatic event in our mind, our subconscious is revictimized.
  • Once our subconscious is triggered, we play out those triggers verbally and / or physically.
  • Then we continue to give those patterns, unpleasant emotions and traumatic memories onto our children, grand children, great grandchildren… and it never ends. Even when you die.


Because our subconscious mind holds all memories and controls up to 98% of our thoughts, words, and behaviors.

In other words, our conscious (aware) mind only has control of 2% of our thoughts, words, and behaviors. This is why it’s sooooooooo damned difficult to stop addiction, anxiety, and other ‘unhealthy’ things.

NOW is the time for YOU TO TAKE CONTROL and STOP THE SPREAD… not of COVID, but of ancient thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories.

Therefore, when I read articles, watch videos, or hear people say, “You need to feel white guilt to heal the past and stop the current racial disparities and hatred” I want to scream…


But I don’t.

Instead, I rant to my husband (poor guy).

He’s tired of me ranting about it so I decided to vent through this article because I am also asked about this very topic quite often.


The GREATEST SUGGESTION I can give you is to END the inherited traumas, subconscious retraumatization, the epigenetic traces of the disgustingly cruel shit our ancestor’s did 100s of years before we were ever born.

Doing so will help heal you and today’s society. It will also help end the racial divide.

In other words, the answer is NOT to keep reliving the behaviors of our ancestors. If we keep retriggering our subconscious, how does that help us or anyone else?

It doesn’t!

“White Guilt” is illogical. Unless we have a true reason to feel guilty from our own behaviors, feeling guilty because of things we can’t control… our skin color, our eye color, our wealth, etc. is ludacris. And certainly how are WE responsible for people born hundreds of years ago?

Therefore anyone who tries to force you to feel guilty for these types of things is guilty themselves… of SOCIOPATHY.

EVER HEARD THE TERM “Ancestral Curse”?

There is a reason that the behaviors of our ancestors has been called “generational or ancestral curse” for decades. WHY? Because even though their behaviors truly are their own, if we do not disconnect from it, it becomes ours and we live it every single day!

I DO believe that MOST of the violence in the world toward animals and other humans is a result of acting our the inherited traumas.

So the BEST ADVICE is to DISCONNECT from all of this because ONLY THEN can we even hope to heal ourselves and our societies of the world.

By disconnecting from our ancestral patterns, we can help heal the souls of our ancestors as well. We don’t do it by blaming them though; we do it through forgiveness.

Then, once we heal, we can use the biological intergenerational path to share the HEALING instead of the HATRED.

Biological genetics have proven that we will then pass the healing onto our current generation as well as our younger and forthcoming generations, long after we die.

There are a LOT of toxic and unhealthy programs and advice online.

Please do NOT fall for it!! Do your research!!

Our program is NOT a new age scheme. It’s been helping people around the world since 1987.

Something that can affect soooooooooo many lives and literally be the difference between life and death, should ONLY be conducted with a proven evidence-based science so you can ethically and SAFELY heal the subconsious and purge the toxicity that doesn’t belong to you.

That’s exactly what my program offers so, TODAY is the best time to obtain… MORE INFORMATION


Dr. Mozelle Martin is a 35-year Forensic &, Creator of Clinical Graphology (1987), Ancient DNA Nerd, and Creative Junkie

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